9/15/06 We recently wrapped the first season of AMERICAN MISFITS for FUEL tv. We produced, directed, shot and edited thirteen 22-minute episodes jam-packed with skateboarding and skit-comedy. That's 286 minutes of contentroughly the length of three feature films! Laban penned the script in just a few weeks and we began production back in December 2005. The show has been airing on FUEL tv (a new episode every Sunday all summer) and feedback has been great. The season finale airs Sunday, September 24 at 9pm (see Entertainment Weekly's "What to Watch" this week). You better tune in because it's action-packed, filled with surprises and hosted by a special guest. We can't believe the season is almost over already!

Check out http://www.myspace.com/misfitstv for more information, episode previews and other goodies.
8/15/06 Ted had a low-pressure (yeah, right) photo shoot with Kiefer Sutherland and Rocco Deluca and the Burden at the LAX airport the other day. They all piled in a car and barged the high-security airport to shoot the poster for I Trust You To Kill Mea rockumentary featuring Rocco and the boys on a five-date European tour last year that ended on New Year’s Eve in Berlin. Kiefer is functioning as the band’s road manager and supplies loads of entertainment including tackling a full-size Christmas tree. The movie opens in NYC on September 8 and in LA on the 15th. Kiefer’s label Ironworks Music produced and recorded Rocco’s record also titled I Trust You To Kill Me.

Visit the www.itrustyoutokillmethemovie.com for showtimes and more information about the film.
FUTURE PROJECTS: A PSA for PETA? Music videos? Season 2 of American Misfits? A feature-length
horror movie? A new top-secret show for FUEL tv? A project with you?
All of the above. Stay tuned.

Other juicy tidbits: We ride skateboards. We make everything on Macs. Laban and I both drive vegetable-oil-powered cars. We are veganwhich means we don’t contribute to the death of harmless animals. We DID NOT vote for Bush and we plan on changing the world, so buckle your safety harness.

FUEL TV Australia is gearing up for the November 7th release of
AMERICAN MISFITS Season One. A fine jounalist who goes by the name "Casperello" was kind enough to do a piece about it on the good-looking Aussie website Lifelounge.com. There's a cool interview with Laban so click on their name above to check it out. Oh, and YES we really want tickets to Australia for Season Two so send them at your earliest convenience.
10/01/06 Well, Episode 13 of A.M. went over well and Season One is now officially over. Whew! The E Channel ran a clip of the show on The Daily 10 and had some fun calling Kiefer Koo Koo. We were hoping our buddy Sal could get a few more words in but he snuck a "That was awesome!" in there for us. Thanks Sal. We are in negotiations with FUEL TV for Season Two and begging for more money so we can take the show to the next level. Wish us luck.
Jeff King, the host of Built To Shred on American Misfits got some coverage right at the end of ’06. He used this coverage as leverage to make us give him a raise. Ted thought he was being really lame, but then he realized that Jeff is a trife-livin' red-bearded pirate and he really needs a raise to maintain that belly he's sporting these days. Thanks to The Skateboard Mag for a 12-page B2S article and TransWorld Skateboarding magazine for a Daily Grind. Nice work Jeff. B2S was also responsible for a cover of Automatic and a Somethin' Else in Thrasher.
Due to the overwhelming success of American Misfits Season 1, executive producer Shon Tomlin over at FUEL TV has ordered up another 13 episodes of controlled chaos. We are filming shredding on a daily basis to get a jump start on the wicked season to come.
Yes, boys and girls, we now have two shows on FUEL TV. The new show (still untitled at the moment) will be a late-night hour-long experimental comedy show. 13 episodes will air in the Summer of ’07 at the exact same time as American Misfits. How can we possible create two shows at once? Easy, we get help ... lots of help. If you're funny (and you can film, edit and score) .